Wednesday, December 29, 2010


since i didn't quite get around to blogging this year and there are only 2 days left, i will sum up my 2010 in one top 10 of 2010. we'll see if i can get 10 whole things in here. it may be tough. 10 things chronologically...

10) we are ready for a baby!!! weird and sudden.

9) shapes stars make puts out a new album "these mountains are safe." it is amazing.

8) we have a boarder for a few months. he helped us go on vacation :)

7) we celebrate our first anniversary in the great town of frisco, tx. the year went by so fast!

6) we go on an amazing trip for 8 days to new york and boston. we loved every minute.

5) ssm goes on a west coast tour. i went with friends to california to see them in san diego and LA. so much fun...especially the speed tour of LA.

4) i'm pregnant! i found out while jc was on tour. we are having a baby boy due march 24 and his daddy can hardly wait another minute for him to be here. lucky boy.

3) jc and i are both in online school. it was a busy semester of work and school work for us.

2) i go to san diego to visit my fam. my nieces were the cutest ever and i got to be there for ak's 3rd b-day party. sweet times.

1) i graduate from grad school! sweet relief. there's no way i could have done that and had a newborn. oh, and my smart husband is on the president's list. so proud.

2010, you were a pretty good year.

2011, bring it on.