Thursday, July 24, 2008

final cut 2.1

addendum to yesterday's post.

here is my actual hair portfolio pic.  although they look eerily similar, he's way hotter than batman!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

three things

i have three things to post about today.  i guess i could have done three separate posts, but i'll combine them into one superpost.  hopefully you'll make it all the way through.  i know when things get long, sometimes it's hard to persevere.

one.  i got my free video camera today.  i think i've been waiting for it since around april sometime.  i had given up completely on getting it.  how did i get a free video camera?  well, you know those offers people send you saying if you sign up for something you get something free?  i actually signed up for one because i wanted a video camera.  it was some kind of travel service.  i got tired of waiting for the camera, so i cancelled the travel service the other day thinking it was a lost cause.  well, let me tell you, it may as well have been one.  this thing is junk.  it's a well-known brand called mustek.  it looks like something you win with tickets at showbiz pizza, or something you talk your mom into giving you money for at the book fair (like the piece of junk microscope set i got from a book order...just a hunk of plastic.)  i took some video footage (it only takes 2 minutes until i get a memory card) and thought i would post it.  well, after review the audio is terrible (my digital camera takes MUCH better footage), and i can't figure out how to get it on my computer.  it came with a c.d. but of course it only works with windows not mac.  i went to the mustek website where this camera does not even exist.  it's a specially made give-away camera.  oh well.  maybe jon can figure it out better.  

two.  i painted with karis yesterday.  every few months we bust out the paints being the fabulous artists that we are.  we're pretty hard core with our set-up.  actual real artist darrah came over to watch/give pointers.  i kept thinking she was like tim gunn on project runway...kind of a mentor.  it makes me laugh when she watches us paint...i mean she's so good, but she'll still be so encouraging to our attempts.  she would tell me some things i could do, and i would just nod like i could just do what she was saying and then chuckle knowing it was going to be a tad bootleg.  here is my painting.  thanks d and k for the suggestions.

three.  i cut jon's hair again last night.  i love cutting hair.  sometimes i dream about ways to do it better.  i really want to go to hair school one day and make the career switch.  i like teaching, but if i decide it's time to get out, i will be opening my shop "the clip and curl."  i have been eyeing jon's hair for a while now because it's been needing to be cut.  he wants me to shave it again, but i like cutting not buzzing.  here is the process from last night.



and after!

yes, i'm that good!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

woo wii!

so as i stated in my last post, i got the wii.  all i can say is fun...loads.  still looking for the wii fit. i feel like such a dork every day calling my list of game stops asking for it.  i sometimes disguise my voice just in case they recognize it from the day before.  i kind of thought that if i looked in the hood, i might have more success, but it's more of the same there...we're sold out.  although i did buy a controller at the one in the hood and they had like 5 wii's.  if anyone's looking, let me know...i'll give them the dL.

as for my skills...i've got some.  at first i wasn't the best, but with some practice i've got some moves down.  at least for tennis and bowling.  i don't play ALL the time, but enough on the first night that my arm, shoulder, and back were completely sore the next day.  all i have to say is you don't want me to punch you with my right arm.  if it was my left arm, you'd be fine. anyway, i picked up some tricks in tennis.  enough to where i was consistently beating a certain male friend of mine.  i could tell he didn't enjoy being beaten by a girl one bit.  i'm not very competitive...i mean i like to win, but i'm used to losing.  well, one night after we played one last game about 7 times, he started catching on to the trick.  we decided it's a glitch in the game where it is impossible to hit the ball when the opposite person hits it in a certain place.  and it's not very hard to hit it in that certain place.  that's how i had been beating him the whole time. he caught on, and started beating me.  this was fine with me, but i was kind of liking that feeling of being better than a guy at a sport.  even if it is a video game sport.  i began to feel like i may never win again.

i practiced yesterday, and last night we played again, and guess what?  i don't suck.  neither does he.  we kind of go back and forth with winning now.  as it should be.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

since i've been gone

only from blogging.  i've certainly been home.  i'm so used to traveling and doing tons of things in the summer...hasn't happened this summer (yet).  i'm trying not to use the b word.  i told myself i never would.  i'm trying to take advantage of so much time.  so, since my last blog here is what has happened.

i attended a party for a 1 year old where everyone either had kids, was pregnant, or had kids and was pregnant.  i couldn't add much to the conversations.

c and e let me be their 3rd wheel for a couple of days.  it was awfully nice of them to invite me to places.  i didn't even have to ask (i would have, but they're so nice that i didn't have to.)  we had some ritas and gelato, went swimming for the 4th and took in a good fireworks show at fair park.  on a side note, fair park was pretty nuts.  there were tons of people in the fountains.  i'm pretty sure they weren't made for swimmers, but whatev.  in all, it was a fun time and i didn't feel all by myself.  thanks guys.
saturday was uneventful...went shopping with jen, so that was good.  she's a good shopping buddy.  jc got back from illinois on sunday morning, and i was glad of that.  monday we celebrated 2 years of happy happiness together.  we went to ali baba for dinner, which was tasty, but i have to agree w/ friends that the service wasn't so awesome.  we waited for our check for a while as we looked around at the 5 other tables waiting for their check for a while while our waiter was chatting it up.  it was still good though...and really sweet of jc to take me there because he's not really into food from the med.  wish i had pictures, but oh well.

i'll fast forward to today.  i was up at the crack to wait for the cable guy (cable and net down for the last 2  i did my usual, went to the y, ate some lunch, took a shower, yada yada.  i decided i would resume my quest for the wii.  apparently gamestop gets random shipments of one or two during the week.  i decided to look up the phone number and give them a call.  as i was looking it up, the fedex woman came with a delivery.  it was a check from vw (long story, but the short of it is that it was a settlement because i kind of threatened legal action after the 7th time my headlight went's fixed now, but they still gave me some money.)  anyway, i got the check, called gamestop, and they had one!  it was perfect timing!   i am now the proud owner of a video game system.  never thought i would say that.  i haven't been one since back in the early 90's when my brother and i pooled our christmas money together to buy a sega. (we didn't even have enough for an extra controller, but mom was nice enough to spring for it.)  i am still in search of a wii fit though.  with all of my extra time, i could get really fit!  i just made myself laugh a little.  

we are now in real time, and i am blogging...going to play golf soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

shapes stars make

shapes stars make (the band my bf is in) is on tour this week.  they are playing at cornerstone festival in middle of nowhere, illinois for the next 3 days.  it's a dead zone as they say in the verizon commercials.  jc definitely doesn't have the network there with him.  you can go here to listen to their music, and if you like it (which i'm sure you will because it really is great, and i'm not just saying that because i'm a band-aid) you can find it on itunes.

jc is the one on the left.  i like this picture because they look so happy.

as for my week, it's writing workshop by day, netflix by night.  oh, and i got to play a wii with a friend from work.  my "wii me" on the wii fit was made to look a little disturbing (its work out suit didn't even fit), but it was still pretty fun.  i kind of want one, but don't really want to put out the effort to find one in stock.  why do they have to make it so hard?  if you ever see one at a store somewhere, you can let me know.