Monday, November 30, 2009

more swellness

jc got me a new camera for my birthday. it's pretty fancy and the pictures i take are really hit or miss. they either look really nice or really blurry. i have to take a ton. jc is much better at taking them. these pics are all from the new cam.

my new niece, jenna grace, was born on september 1. she is such a sweetie. thanks to my sweet husband, i got to go visit them in san diego when she was a month old. she had some problems with the gas, but i loved every minute i got to spend with her and anna. they are cute cute.

we went to the beach, and anna let me take her in the water. daddy was sleeping and mommy was feeding the baby, so i as her choice #3 had to do.
i was taking tons of pictures to test out the camera, and anna kept posing for them. i think she likes the camera.

i traded in my dream car last month. it gave me 3.5 years of convertible fun. i was sad to say good-bye, but excited about my new sedan. i've never had a sedan, and it drives great! i'm so old.

jc and i drove (in my fancy new-ish sedan) to canyon for thanksgiving this year. we had a full house with my bro, sis-in-law and the girls. we played a ton, ate a ton, saw a ton of people in two giant thanksgivings. i even taught anna how to say "go cowboys!" (it sounded like "poppycock!") i can't wait to do it all over again in 3 weeks when we celebrate early christmas. only this time we're flying! that drive is boo-ring.

the swell season

it's been a couple of seasons actually, but swell none the less. jc and i got married and had such a fun wedding mostly due to his rocking playlist. the boy likes to dance, as does his wife. here is a picture of us at our friends' wedding a few years ago before we even started dating followed by us at our wedding. a familiar scene.
when i got out of school, we went on our honeymoon at the tides in lovely zihuatanejo, mexico. it was amidst the mexico swine flu panic of '09, but we braved it out and had a fun, flu-free time. one day, we will buy a condo on the beach and move there. that will be a good day. we loved the town and watching the fishermen. we also loved being waited on hand and foot on the beach. we did not love the birds eating our free breakfast every morning. we relied on those tiny croissants to get us through till lunch. we were definitely out of our league at that place, but it was so fun to live in luxury for a few days.
can't wait to make it back to zihua. or any beach really. i'm not that picky.

Monday, July 6, 2009

we made the blog!

this past week our wedding pictures from our photographer came in. i had been checking her blog for any sign that they would be in soon, and alas we made it! go check it out. i love the pictures...makes me want to learn to take good ones. thanks, lauren!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

blah blah blog

sooo, it's been a while. a long while. i just haven't felt like i had much interesting to say. right now of all times is when i have the least business being on the computer, but that's probably why i am right now. when i have tons to do, i like to distract myself with less pressing things like blogging, facebook, online shopping, etc. oh well, things will get done. the most pressing thing is that i have to move on the 1st. that would be a wednesday. not an ideal moving day. 

i thought i didn't have much to pack since i've only been in my current place a year (and i'm only moving less than a mile away,) but i worked my buns off after work yesterday for about 3 hours, and it doesn't even look like i put a dent in the place. ugh. my goal today is to get it completely knocked out so i can start concentrating on my next project...thank you notes. it is hard for me to focus on one thing at a time, i do everything at once going back and forth - clean, pack a box, vacuum something, move some stuff around, and then repeat. i also am trying to get every bit of laundry done (even the hand wash stuff that sits in my basket for months until i finally decide it's not really dirty and wear it anyways.) i'm nervous about moving the washer/dryer and getting it hooked up, so i'm just trying to be prepared. although a coworker said to me yesterday that if you can't figure out how to hook up a washer and dryer, then you're a moron. i'm so ready for moving to be over and to be in OUR new place, except that even then i won't really be there. k and k have graciously offered to let me stay with them for 6 weeks until we get married, so jc has the whole huge place to himself for a bit. lucky. i'll post pictures of the new place when i actually get to see it again. i really don't remember what it looks like, so that's kind of scary. 

other happenings include our wedding showers that have happened in the past 3 weeks. my great friends hosted one in dallas, and family friends from home did in canyon. they were both beautiful, and we are so overwhelmed and thankful for the blessing of community and friends. here is a pic from the dallas one. 

my good friend stephanie even drove from houston to be there! sweet friends. we have been blessed with lots of fun new things for our new place, but they've just been sitting in boxes all around my tiny place, so i can't wait to get them out and play. at the showers lots of people asked if i loved to cook a lot since i had received so much kitchen/baking items. i just told them that i was going to start. i really am. no more whole foods every night, we're on a budget! 

really, i'm so ready to just be married already! when that day comes it will mean no more planning (not that i'm planning much right's basically all done), no more living out of a suitcase, 3 weeks until school is out and we get to go on our honeymoon...i'm just ready. 49 more days!