Monday, June 23, 2008

the results are in...

with all votes tallied (all 7) the side for enchiladas that received the most votes was chips.  "no side necessary" received two votes.  mine of course and my boyfriend's.  he's easy to please in the dinner cooking area...i like that.

the other thing i learned from my first poll ever is that exactly 7 people read my blog (including myself.)  either that or people just don't want to vote.  i don't know.  you tell me.  i have another poll to test it out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

my niece! and some randoms

first of all, i wasn't exactly "feeling" the blog today, but i needed something to do tonight besides watch the bachelorette.  i'm writing this for all of you faithful clickers out there who get a little disappointed when you get through your list of blogs, and there are no new posts.  

first of all, i got to see my anna this weekend...and of course her parents.  just kidding, i was excited to see ALL of them!  i had so been looking forward to their visit from sunny san diego for weeks.  she is the cutest, chubbiest (maybe not chubbiest, but cutely chubby) baby ever.  she didn't quite remember her loving aunt chichi, but by the end of the weekend she finally let me hold her for a few minutes without crying.  i'm going to need a bit more video chat time, jonny and she can learn my scent.

as for the randoms...i was talking to my good friend darrah this evening.  i'm not quite sure what we were talking about, but at some point i asked the question, "what's up with pineapple from a can?"  i mean it's completely different from pineapple from a pineapple.  different taste, different look, different do they get real pineapple to turn into that?  i think canned pineapple must be manufactured in some kind of lab.

i cooked my famous enchiladas for dinner tonight.  it's the easiest recipe i know, so it's kind of a default.  i don't know why it is, but i can never come up with anything to make with it. nothing ever sounds good, but then it seems like you need something healthy like a veggie or something to go with it.  then i started thinking that i don't really eat sides at mexican food restaurants.  i always leave the beans and rice.  so, i decided not to stress and just had the enchiladas, and guess what?  it was just fine.  just a warning ...if i ever invite you over for dinner, and i say i'm cooking enchiladas, that's what i mean.  enchiladas.  what do you think about enchi sides?  this poll is for you, d.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's finished!

after working since february, my big pillow is complete as of 11:55 p.m. on june 11.  although i sometimes put things off, this is proof that when there is a will, i can finish something i begin. now for the puzzle i started a couple of months ago...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bathroom disaster and other summer fun

so this is my first official week off work for the summer.  i haven't done much.  the thing about being off work is that pretty much everyone else is at work.  yesterday i didn't talk to anyone until jc called at 5:45.  having a lot of free time should mean i can be super productive, but it tends to have the opposite effect with me.  always has.  so i just have to stand tall when people ask, "what did you do today?" or a completely fair "what time did you get up?"  i mean i like to sleep.  i also like staying up late when i don't have to be up early.

so today i made a point to get up in time to eat breakfast (yesterday it was more like an early lunch.)  i caught the end of the price is right...
boo-ring, and watched jeopardy which was a rare treat since true geniuses put it on right in the middle of the day.  i even got the final jeopardy question correct.  i worked on my pillow for a while, joined netflix, and also made it a point to actually call someone, so i wouldn't be a complete hermit.  k came over for a healthy lunch of sandwiches and fruit.  we also failed miserably on a mojitoish concoction.  it doesn't help that i don't have ice.  i mean that's somewhat productive. i decided to go to the y, and then some trouble began.  my toilet had been threatening to overflow all afternoon, so being the responsible and proactive tenant that i am, i went to the hardware store before the y to get a plunger.  i also picked up a weed yard is for a completely different blog altogether.  

when i got home i went directly to the bathroom to take care of the toilet situation.  i stuck in the plunger and did a little plungeage.  nothing seemed to happen, so i thought i probably needed to plunge after i tried to flush.  i did this, and then i experienced something i never witnessed in my life...a total toilet overflow.  luckily i was quick on my feet and got my cute mat out and pushed the shower curtain into the tub.  i wasn't able to save anything else.  i was so disgusted.  there was so much water that it was overwhelming.  thankfully the water started going down right as some other contents were about to come out.  if that hadn't happened, i would have just said forget it...i'm moving.  so gross.  the cleanup process took a while.  i ran to my porch and got the gardening gloves that my neighbor so graciously lent me and began my battle.  i had to totally disinfect everything in the toilet's path.  i don't know if i can ever look at my bathroom the same way again.  it's been tainted.  

tomorrow will be better...or at least just less gross.

hope you're not too disgusted.  stay tuned for more days in the life of a 4th grade teacher on summer break.  i'm sure you can't wait!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday night blues

you know what i'm talking about.  that depressing feeling you get on sunday knowing that in the morning you get to do it all over again.  work another week.  that feeling you get when you realized that your short weekend break has slipped through your fingers once again.  it really is amazing how quickly two days can disappear.  (sundays disappear especially quickly when you throw in the "nap" that is less a nap and more a midday hibernation, therefore making it impossible to sleep and making monday much worse because you got no sleep the night before.)  tonight is my last sunday night before a monday of work for two months.  that makes it not so bluish knowing that i only have 4 days of work left.  i mean, anyone can get through 4 days, right?  it will probably be the slowest 4 days of the year since we'll be basically doing nothing this week.  we're done.  and it's not like in the good old days when you could pop in a few flix for all to enjoy.  they're taking these public viewing copyright laws a little too far.  did you know there are disney police who are just waiting to catch one of their movies being illegally displayed in a classroom?  i am really curious to know who these traitors are.  i remember in elementary school they would show some super old disney film on projectors with the huge reels that they would have to switch out mid movie.  we would all take our chairs into the gym at the same time.  they always picked some "classic" that nobody liked.  anyway, since i can't show movies i just have to give them some "work" to do.  it's pretty ridiculous because i already turned report card grades in last thursday.  on friday, one of my girls asked, "if we don't finish this (made up social studies project) today do we fail?" to which i replied, "yes."  

anyway, back to the blues.  this year has actually been pretty great, so my blues have been basically contained to some sunday nights.  back when i taught in the hood and at some points since, i had the friday night blues.  no kidding.  there was a certain point on friday night when i would get super sad about having to go to work on monday.  not a good way to live.  last year i actually pinpointed the perfect time of the week.  4:30 p.m. on friday afternoon.  work is over for the week.  i'm at my house chillin' with the whole weekend ahead of me.  a good feeling.

really though i feel super blessed to have had this year.  teaching is such a craps shoot...(or like a box of chocolates) you never know what you're going to get.  i'm not going to think about next year though.  i'm just going to do my darndest to get through this week gracefully.  i'm as bad as the kids when it comes to summer break.  no more sundays.  just days.