Saturday, November 8, 2008

toilet woes

i can't imagine any dirtier job than being a plumber. i truly admire plumbers for what they do...rootin' around in other people's toilets...ugh. currently, one is in my bathroom taking care of a problem i've been having. you can refer to my previous bathroom post. that was my first overflow of what has turned out to be many. a couple of nights ago it overflowed for the 5th time after jon flushed. he assured me he didn't "do anything" which i know he didn't because it usually happens the second time after someone "does something." the plumber just had to call my landlord's wife because the 6 foot snake wasn't doing its job, and he is currently pulling the toilet because there is something blocking a pipe or something. umm...seriously, would you ever want to find out what that something is? i am so embarrassed that i even have to be here right now. now he's looking for the hole in the floor to crawl under the house. oh my gosh. this is turning out to be a much bigger thing than i had thought...probably than my landlord had thought too. it was already like $125 for the 6 foot snake, who knows how much it is for "pulling a toilet" and crawling under a house. i guess plumbers are well compensated for the job they must do.