Monday, July 18, 2011

4 months

li'l j is 4 months old today. i can't believe he's been here a third of a year already. he is seriously the cutest thing. he has lost most of the hair on top of his head, so he looks like a little old man. his hair looks like it is coming in kind of blonde, which i am sure will be cute, but i was kind of hoping at least a little of his quarter mexican-ness would shine through. and he is kind of a chunk. we went for his appointment today, and he is already 17lb 11oz which is the 95th percentile. he's also 95th for length, so at least he is proportionate.

we have swaddled him in the miracle blanket since he was about a month old, and we gave up on it a couple of nights ago because he started getting out of it before he even went to sleep. he has been waking up every three hours since then. i told this to the doc today thinking she would say that we should keep him unswaddled, but instead she said to wrap him tightly with another blanket first, then put him in the miracle blanket so he couldn't get out. she said she sure would not be getting up every three hours to put a paci back in. she cracks me up.

sadly, j is starting daycare soon. he also quit taking a bottle. this is not awesome. it is my fault for being lazy about bottle giving this summer. i have less than a month to get this straightened out, or he is going to be his teacher's worst nightmare. the doctor said we may have to give him food during the day and let him drink in the morning and evening if he refuses, but i really REALLY just want him to take the bottle.

here is the most recent picture i have of him. i need to be better about taking more.

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c said...

love him.

Anonymous said...

Cutie pie!
Can't believe how big he is! C was almost that weight at 9 months!! More of him to love:)

Stephanie said...

Good luck with daycare and bottles and getting some sleep. He really is growing up so fast, such a sweet boy.