Thursday, August 11, 2011

ten years

today is my last day of summer - my last day to stay at home with jack. i have many and mixed feelings about this as i begin my tenth year of teaching. even as i type that, it seems so crazy that i have been teaching that long. when i started in the cliff, i NEVER thought i would make it this long. i was thinking today about all the things that have happened in the past ten years.

i have lived in dallas for ten years. craze. i came here for a job not knowing anyone, but desperate to get out of the panhandle and live the city life i knew i was destined for. of course when you make how much i was making, you figure out real quick that glam is not an option. thankfully. after a year at a crap job doing crap work for crap pay (it just wasn't for me), i decided to use that hard earned finance degree to become an elementary teacher and have never looked back. ok, so i may have looked back a couple of times. i mean i taught in the cliff.

i have gone to my church for nearly ten years. also craze. it began ten years ago, and i started going a few months in. the community there saved me. god was (and is) so good and provided me with the best friends ever. i love love them and am so thankful for all of the paths i've crossed over the years. our church was so small for so long, and as we celebrate ten years, it's so crazy to see all of the new people and the growth. i feel like i hardly know anyone there now. strange but good.

in the past ten years of big d i've "prayed for the men" with k, d, and j, asked for other men when he started providing, watched d then j then k get married, i got married (finally!), and now i have my sweet baby who is more than i could have asked or imagined. so thankful!

happy ten years!

my 25th
halloween. i went as ron.
d's wedding
pre train ride to chicago. (don't do it).
first b-day with my boyfriend.
k's wedding.
engagement night!
getting married.
mr. and mrs. cook.
l'il jc.

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Jen Haney said...

I LOVE this post. I felt like I was reliving my last 10 years in Dallas. :) I started tearing up a bit...

Great post. Love you dearly.