Monday, November 30, 2009

the swell season

it's been a couple of seasons actually, but swell none the less. jc and i got married and had such a fun wedding mostly due to his rocking playlist. the boy likes to dance, as does his wife. here is a picture of us at our friends' wedding a few years ago before we even started dating followed by us at our wedding. a familiar scene.
when i got out of school, we went on our honeymoon at the tides in lovely zihuatanejo, mexico. it was amidst the mexico swine flu panic of '09, but we braved it out and had a fun, flu-free time. one day, we will buy a condo on the beach and move there. that will be a good day. we loved the town and watching the fishermen. we also loved being waited on hand and foot on the beach. we did not love the birds eating our free breakfast every morning. we relied on those tiny croissants to get us through till lunch. we were definitely out of our league at that place, but it was so fun to live in luxury for a few days.
can't wait to make it back to zihua. or any beach really. i'm not that picky.

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