Monday, November 30, 2009

more swellness

jc got me a new camera for my birthday. it's pretty fancy and the pictures i take are really hit or miss. they either look really nice or really blurry. i have to take a ton. jc is much better at taking them. these pics are all from the new cam.

my new niece, jenna grace, was born on september 1. she is such a sweetie. thanks to my sweet husband, i got to go visit them in san diego when she was a month old. she had some problems with the gas, but i loved every minute i got to spend with her and anna. they are cute cute.

we went to the beach, and anna let me take her in the water. daddy was sleeping and mommy was feeding the baby, so i as her choice #3 had to do.
i was taking tons of pictures to test out the camera, and anna kept posing for them. i think she likes the camera.

i traded in my dream car last month. it gave me 3.5 years of convertible fun. i was sad to say good-bye, but excited about my new sedan. i've never had a sedan, and it drives great! i'm so old.

jc and i drove (in my fancy new-ish sedan) to canyon for thanksgiving this year. we had a full house with my bro, sis-in-law and the girls. we played a ton, ate a ton, saw a ton of people in two giant thanksgivings. i even taught anna how to say "go cowboys!" (it sounded like "poppycock!") i can't wait to do it all over again in 3 weeks when we celebrate early christmas. only this time we're flying! that drive is boo-ring.

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